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Fix the bugs

For a month now I'm getting warnings about one or more notes not saving, before that I could not convert timesheets. I also hear rumors of authorizations not showing up for BCBAs. I have used Central Reach for a year, but heard from others who have been with my company longer than me that billing always glitches up. Thankfully, my company ensures that I get paid.

That billing and invoicing isn't running like a well oiled machine is irresponsible.

I would love to work with my clients and not have to worry about something going wrong with CentralReach.

More than any fancy feature or change I would simply love to see that any bugs related to billing or invoicing be fixed. Perhaps the process is not streamlined enough and my supervisors might be making little hiccups that cause it to glitch. In that case, lets streamline it.

My suggestion is to get rid of the crack-pot tech team and designated someone with the awesome mission of making this the smoothest part of your website.

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  • Aug 4 2017
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