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have a filter for combined first 30 minute codes.

If there were a filter for the overlap of a code on a particular day that you are only allowed to bill one time per day that would be great.  Right now we can only view the overlapping first 30 codes for 0364T/0368T/0366T in the merge claims field.  A filter for this would be better.  The filter would show all overlapping first 30 codes for a particular client on any given day.

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  • Nov 12 2016
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    14 Dec, 2016 04:11pm

    Will it detect T codes that are not overlapping and simply duplicated on the same day?  We may have a client who is seen from 9-12 and the therapist uses 0364T/0365T and then another therapist will see client from 3 - 5 and use another 0364T/0365T and when the billing is combined I end up with 2 0364T entries and 2 0365T entries.  What I want is 1 0364T and 3 0365T as you can only bill one 0364T code per day per client.  The current filter only shows for overlapping, which is to say that the client was seen by two providers at the same time.  The only way I can detect if there is a duplicate 0364T code for a client on any given day is to bulk merge the claims and then go through them to see what date a 0364T code is combined on, go back to billing, edit the code to be 0365T and re merge the claims to then have only the 0365T combined.

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    14 Dec, 2016 04:03pm

    Thank you for the idea Melissa.  This can actually be accomplished by creating a service code label to label the T codes.  From there in billing you can use the audit drop down and selecting client overlaps.