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Notifications and Comments - "Resolve Comment" Option

Currently, notification disappear after 48 hours.  I would like to see an option for the notification to remain until I view and resolve the notification.  

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  • Dec 21 2016
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    27 Jun, 2018 11:28pm

    Please add this in as this has been sitting here for a year and half! This makes our job as clinicians difficult to communicate effectively with our team members. This would be SUPER helpful for a checkbox or something to indicate it has been seen. PLEASE ADD SOON! Thanks

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    3 Mar, 2018 08:45pm

    OK, so it's been a year since I left my comment so I'm going to leave another one. Please either make the notification default longer than 48 hours, or change it so that it remains in a user's account until that user has viewed the comment. I have interventionists who don't work with a client every day. So if I (or another therapist) leaves a note earlier in the week, they won't get a notification to look at the comments.  I would leave many more comments if I knew that staff were alerted to them. No one has time to click on the comment area of every single target every day to check if there is a new comment.

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    2 Mar, 2018 05:34pm

    And a "SEEN" or "CHECKBOX" feature to make sure all team members have seen the comment. The red circle should not disappear until ALL team members are able to confirm they have seen the comment!

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    11 Feb, 2017 06:21pm

    Just posting my "merged idea" as a comment so others can easily see and comment on it: When I go into a client's learning tree to read notes left by therapists in the comment field, the comment box opens to the oldest note first. This means in order to read a note written yesterday, I have to scroll all the way up to the top to read the recent ones. Could we default to the newest ones first, or alternately, allow us to select which way we'd like to order them?

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    27 Jan, 2017 10:51pm

    It would also be helpful if the notification (red circle with number of new comments) was visible on branches outside of the target. Currently, the only way to see if comments have been added, we have to click through the entire learning tree and open up each individual goal, then target, to see the alert.