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automatically place targets in session in the same order as learning tree

When we add programs and targets to the session, it adds them at the bottom and we have to move them. I would like the program to automatically be added to the session in the order it is in for the learning tree.

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  • Nov 11 2016
  • Will not implement
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    11 Mar 09:10pm


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    20 Dec, 2019 04:04pm

    Please reconsider - as our BCBAs have ever increasing responsibilities, needing to take the  time to re-order a data sheet is incredibly inefficient and a waste of time.  With new CPT codes, there is no indirect billing allowed for maintenance of the program, and taking the time to do this during session takes the focus away from the client and the RBT.  This is literally busy work.

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    3 Dec, 2019 09:35pm

    Any luck on this feature? It is one of the bigger struggles we face from the tech view.

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    28 Nov, 2018 12:50am

    I agree! This needs to be changed for effectiveness of running sessions and be organized during work hours. As ABA clinicians we organize our programs so that they can easily be run for our therapists. Things need to be organized as we are delegating RBTs to running the session. It helps the therapists run through their programs smoothly. Also, a BCBA should not have to wait until sessions are no longer run (i.e., after work hours or on weekends) to reorganize or remember to reorganize a session. That is a lot of extra work on a BCBA who is already performing a million and one jobs. This is not user friendly for BCBA's and our industry. 

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    2 Oct, 2018 09:32pm

    Agreed, reordering targets is not an efficient use of time. 

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    24 May, 2018 12:45am

    Nick, does this idea need to be resubmitted with altered wording to allow consideration for the Learn user to have the control of choice in the order they view the targets. The current system is inefficient and waste of valuable clinical time both in and outside of the session.

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    16 Feb, 2018 12:55pm

    I agree that this is very time consuming.  While the tree view is great, it is not a preferred viewing option for all therapists as they have to click several different times to get to the desired target.  Where the Index view/NET view quickly allows them to see everything they need to work on in one spot. 

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    5 Feb, 2018 08:44pm

    I would also support the idea of being sorted at least by short term goal be default when added. Maybe an implementation of a setting for each session that sorts alphabetically or by date added could work in some way for those who don't want to manually rearrange.

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    24 May, 2017 03:33pm

    It would be a good idea to at least have new targets be with the existing targets in the same program instead of the bottom.

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    11 Apr, 2017 11:35am

    Yes, the clinicians at our company were just discussing that reordering is very time-consuming. We thought the ability to filter would be great (Filter by Phase, alphabetically, domain/tree view).

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    27 Feb, 2017 09:34pm

    I agree with Rima. It is incredibly time consuming to reorder targets that are added to the data sheet, especially since we are taking the time to order them when writing the original program. It is confusing for staff when the targets do not show in the correct order.

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    17 Feb, 2017 12:40am

    I am extremely disappointed by this.  It has been a HUGE pita to add a target to the datasheet then drag them one by one where they need to be.  Please reconsider.

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    1 Dec, 2016 09:08pm

    This was a great idea, but will not be implemented right now.  The usr does have ability to reorder the targets, this is a staple of the current program.  That being said, another idea might be a "tree order" view to switch the view to the order of the tree, upon click of a button.  So users can have the control/choice.