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Learning Opportunities per session

We need a way to see how many learning opportunities are occurring each session, by each therapist.  While we need this numeral, each session, we also would like a rate per session.  To see on a graph, the learning opportunities over time.  Rate per minute or rate per hour.

Things such as Trials of programs, intervals, steps of a task analysis, a rating scale, would all count as learning opportunities.

This number could be shown on the session summary at the end of a shift

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  • Dec 27 2016
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    February 21, 2018 22:08

    When viewing Learning Opportunities Per Date, please include a way to include/exclude targets. I want to view skill acquisition targets separately from challenging behaviors targeted for reduction.

    If, for example, self-injurious behaviors (SIBs) were high one day, which limited the opportunity for skill acquisition targets to be run, the current set up would show a high amount of learning opportunities since SIBs were high. This would not accurately show me how many skills acquisition trials my behavior technician ran since it includes all behavior reduction targets. I would want to exclude SIBs from the Learning Opportunities Per Date in my view in order to see how many trials of follow instructions, receptive labels, and/or motor imitation s/he ran.