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Filter Indirect vs Direct Code in Timesheets

Each activity should have include if the appointment was direct or indirect at the time of creating/converting the appointment. In timesheets, we should be able to filter activities per client for both direct and indirect hours. Some insurance companies have different percentage requirements of direct:indirect client hours. Our company requires 80% direct hours, which is not always easy to keep track of if you have a client that is center-based and the location for both direct & indirect hours is "office". 

  • Christina Ramos
  • Sep 27 2018
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  • Paul Heering commented
    October 02, 2018 21:52

    The direct vs indirect would link to codes, correct?  If so you can do this by service code labels.   Make two labels in the service codes module.  "Indirect" & "Direct".  Then apply one of those two labels to all codes.  then you can filter the billing and timesheet screens by these code labels.