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Create delegated access to activity & call log via label function for employees and administration.

It would be beneficial in terms of HIPPA compliance. All employees do not need to see certain activity notes. If we could label employees to have access to the activity and call log, that would be very useful. 


If an activity and call log note is with regards to billing or financial - the RBTs and BCBAs do not need to see that note. 


Alternatively or in combination with the above idea - add activity and call log note labels so that we can assign employees permissions and what type of call log notes they can see.


When a client is on boarding  through a website inquiry, only administrative staff need to be able to see the notes for that activity during the on boarding process.


Edit: To clarify - have an easy-to access label feature on notes where we can label the note as a billing, potential client, or family communication. I know that note types has a filter feature and that we can assign work group labels to see certain notes. However - seeing this feature should more accessible and we want to be able to pick multiple notes types to be able to see in one screen. Similar to having the label box below the client n


Additionally - it would be great to have the ability to pull a report at the organizational level, not just the client level, to see all notes and filter out information. When using a competitor program - we could pull all note types and then export to excel to filter it down. 

  • Charlie Fee
  • May 17 2018
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  • Jeanine Tanz commented
    May 24, 2018 16:35

    Great idea Charlie Fee!!!