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On the face sheet, make 'Address & Contacts' visible without having to scroll past the 'Physician' & 'Other' fields.

The purpose of the left sidebar was formerly for the client's contact information. Recently, the 'Physician' and 'Other' fields were added which are helpful, however the position of those fields splits the 'Basics' field and the 'Address & Contact' field apart. It doesn't make sense that the family's contact information is split in order to accommodate the 'Physician' and 'Other' fields. This information is used way too frequently to need to scroll each time and I'm proposing that we move both the 'Physician' and 'Other' fields to the bottom of the page. 

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  • Jan 16 2017
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    February 22, 2017 23:46

    Hi! Has there been any progress on this? Thanks!

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    July 08, 2017 16:07

    This is now live. Thanks everyone!