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Ability to link training videos and handouts we made to a specific page in CentralReach

It would be great there was a little box on each screen when I log into the admin account.  I can click that box and upload a video or pdf.  Then when a staff member goes to that page, they could see a little video icon or clipboard icon.  This would open up a pop up with the video or steps (instead of them going to CentralReach help or the tree that we put all our help materials in).  This would be our responsibility to link the videos or PDFs.  If we don’t upload anything, staff don’t see anything.  It would be awesome if the video worked as a “pop up” like it can in Learn, where it still plays as you do stuff.


Right now create step by step instructions and videos and create a tree for a client called "Training Materials" but staff don't reference them often because of the steps needed to view them.

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  • Jul 20 2018
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