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More advanced automatic sharing options on files

We use note templates to complete session notes, which need to be shared among several members of a client's treatment team. Because it's easy to forget to share the note with other members of the team after completing the note, we set up automatic sharing of files uploaded to a client's CR account with the clients' treatment team, however this limits the types of files we can upload & store for clients in CR (e.g. we wouldn't want to financial documents because it's not appropriate for the treatment team to have access to these files). 

It would be AMAZING to have the option to set up automatic sharing so that ONLY those files uploaded for a client that were created in association with timesheet conversion (i.e. session notes) would be shared with the client's treatment team. Files not created in association with a timesheet (i.e. if our Finance department uploaded a copy of a client's financial agreement) would not be shared with the treatment team.

That's my basic idea - it would be even more amazing if we could somehow identify different treatment teams (group 1 provides  ABA and should have access to ABA session notes, group 2 is involved in same client's psychotherapy and should only have access to psychotherapy-related documents) and then only share relevant session notes which each of those groups. :) This might be accomplished with labels. I realize this would be somewhat more complex than the more basic idea expressed above but it would be very elegant once operating smoothly. :)

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  • Dec 2 2016
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