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Ability to delete files OR ability to change the Client

We need a way to delete files. At least from the ORG account. Human error plays a big part in this.  It's just too easy to accidentally select someone else's name from a drop down. Someone from the ORG should have this feature. This would save a lot of time from having to go through a support ticket, then wait for the developers to take care of it.

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  • Mar 17 2017
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    21 Aug, 2020 08:09pm

    YES! Putting a provider signature on a note and having it locked for editing to even the org account is very inconvenient. Especially with all the issues CR is having after the recent update. (duplicated note, word "copy" at the end etc.) How to remove this??

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    12 Jul, 2019 09:06am

    No- we need to be able to amend a medical record using the strike through- as if it was written documentation- then a mana must “un chart” and correct it- right now there is no way to do that! 

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    20 Apr, 2018 06:34pm

    Any ETA on this??

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    26 Oct, 2017 02:29pm

    Agreed with the comment above! We shouldn't have to re-download to re-upload to the correct client's file. There should be a permission to be able to at least easily change who the File needs to go to.

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    15 Sep, 2017 06:30pm

    We had another experience today of someone uploading too many version of a report marked as medical record.and needing it deleted. Accidents happen, But this really proves how we need this feature at least as an ORG. It takes far too long to create a work order to have them deleted.  It'd be faster if we could do it ourselves.

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    30 Aug, 2017 01:01pm

    Another point - in order to fix an incorrectly filed document, it must be downloaded to a device, deleted in CR and re-uploaded. CR is forcing us to correct a filing error by placing that file in a non-secure place in order to fix it - on personal electronic devices! How's that for opening up a HIPAA nightmare!! The file needs to be moved WITHOUT a forced download!!

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    30 Aug, 2017 12:59pm

    Alex - the ORG account at least needs the ability to do this. I'm not sure what CR is so worried about, as there is an electronic time/date/ID trail for all changes. It could certianly be tracked if someone did something erroneous intentionally. But, that's why we only have our most trusted, high level management in the admin account. 

    For all it's touted HIPAA compliance, CR is quite non-HIPAA compliant! The ability to accidently attach a label or misfile a document is all too easy and is the most common error we see (even for non-HIPAA items). Admin/Mgmt NEEDS to be able to fix this asap without having to wait on CR - in the 3 main sharing areas: File Manager, Acitivity Logs and Messages.

    CR is currently placing us in the position of NOT being able to immediately attend to a HIPAA breach that occurs within its system. This reads as lack of due diligence on HIPAA violation documentation should a HIPAA binder be reveiwed.

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    29 Aug, 2017 03:53pm

    Hi Alex,


    The fact that the Medical Record is not removable is in fact the issue here. It is good for HIPAA purposes that it cannot be accidentally deleted in error, but it does present another risk instead... It causes the risk associated with a mis-assigned file being left available on the wrong account too long while we escalate to CR and wait for them/you to respond, send us something to sign, then finally remove. As the CHPSE HIPAA Security Officer at our location I can attest that this does give me cause for concern. I understand your position on not wanting this available to just anyone, but what we are asking for on the ORG account should not cause the concerns you mentioned. 


    We have brought this concern up several times, and at one point we were even told it had been changed. This is/was not the case, so we keep opening up these ideas...ideas which are receiving a high amount of votes, so I don't think we're the only one with this concern.


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    29 Aug, 2017 03:44pm

    Hi Alex, Thanks for the response! But from the ORG account only perhaps? Our ORG account is run my our HIPAA officer so I think it would be okay for us. :) 

    This mainly goes for if people put records in for the wrong person in the first place.  We need some way to be able to easily change it instead of: Download, delete, reupload. Just a simple name change would help!

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    29 Aug, 2017 03:39pm

    Thank you for your feature request, Victoria. All files that are not medical records can be deleted. A medical record is not removable (unless it is a note). This is to preserve the integrity of client records, per HIPAA guidelines.

    Thinking out loud...if we add an option to reassign any file, we may see files that are under the correct owner accidentally get assigned to someone else, causing a potential HIPAA violation.

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    9 Aug, 2017 04:28pm

    Any update on this one? Looks like a lot of votes :) 

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    11 May, 2017 03:23pm

    Yes, this seems like such a simple thing as errors are made, we are all human!  I can't believe we don't have this option already...  it would be very helpful to change the client on a file!

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    20 Mar, 2017 01:38pm

    Definitely! In cases of accidental mis-labeling we need to be able to remove the file as soon as we learn of the issue, otherwise it can lead to a possible HIPAA breach. Opening a support ticket and waiting for someone else to do it increases the likelihood of a breach.