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Allow various permissions for different aspects of scheduling or types of appts

Right now, there is only a permissions option for an employee or type of employee to be able to both create and cancel/edit appointments. 

It would be REALLY helpful to be able to allow certain types of employees to manage certain aspects of their scheduling instead of just all or none. For example, I would really like RBT's to be able to cancel their own appointments but not to create new appointments that are billable. I would also really like it if they could create non-billable appointments (such as PTO or training) rather than someone else having to do this for them.  

If we want to limit their ability to manage their own schedule, we are stuck limiting them completely AND have to have half of someone's full-time admin job be updating RBT schedules in Central Reach.

We have created a "fake service code" for non-billable overlaps for the RBT's time when the BCBA comes to overlap during a session. It would also be incredibly helpful to be able to allow the RBT to edit this aspect of their appointment as well.

We have created so many processes and procedures and work arounds address this issue- we even made a new email account that RBT's send schedule adjustment requests to so that we can keep up with the needed changes.  Until this change is made in the system we might need to just change their permissions and allow the RBT's to manage their own schedule which concerns me with regard to inadvertent overbilling (among other things). 

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  • Mar 15 2017
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    19 Jan, 2019 04:30pm

    I came here to request this same thing and I can not believe this hasn’t been addressed yet since 2017 as a new feature. It’s such an important part in regards to employment law AND billing. Come on Central Reach! Let’s add different levels of permissions to scheduling.