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Automatically Connect Patient Learning Tree to Staff When Scheduled

Currently, administrators have to manually connect patients and employees through the Utilities and Tools setting.  I am proposing employees are automatically connected to patients learning trees and notes when they are schedules with the patient.  This will decrease connectivity errors, time spent connecting patients, and ensure all team members have access to the necessary patient information.

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  • Feb 7 2018
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    1 Apr, 2018 12:28am

    Perhaps when you schedule a session for a staff/client that aren't already linked, it gives you the option to link them and allows you to select which trees/sessions to share?

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    7 Mar, 2018 11:07pm

    I like the concept here, but some organizations (including my own) use CentralReach to provide different types of services to the same clients (e.g. ABA, Psychotherapy, OT) and it isn't always appropriate for all of these records & materials stored in the trees to be available to everyone who works with the client. For example, a BT does not need to have access to psychotherapy-related materials for the client, unless the psychotherapist deems this information necessary & relevant to share with the ABA team. I love the idea of making things more automated, but maybe there is another way we could accomplish this.

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    15 Feb, 2018 09:09pm

    I love this idea, and wonder if there is a world where connections created this way can be temporary, i.e. terminated 12 hours after scheduled appointment. It would really clear up user view as far as sessions go and we wouldn't need to keep auditing connections to remove individuals who are not involved in particular cases.