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Add ways to track sick time, PTO, paid sick time, unpaid time etc

Have an "Auth" for providers for sick time, and have a certain number of hours per year. Then every time it's needed, we use paid sick time and CR keeps track of how many we've used, until they run out and hopefully CR gives a warning similar to when we overbill client hours. That way we don't need to manually track paid time off, paid sick time etc. So something that works as an authorization for providers without needing to create "fake auths" for provider sick time.

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  • Nov 29 2016
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    20 Dec, 2016 05:15pm

    it would be good if there was an accural rate for pto so CR could track how much pto an employee has over time, then when the employee bills pto, it is deducted from this bank of pto time