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The ability to bulk convert appointments even if the code is attached to multiple fee schedules

Currently the bulk convert option is very specific and doesn't allow for appointments that have signatures, or appts with codes that have multiple fee schedules to be bulk-converted. This feature would allow for the bulk-conversion to occur even if the code has multiple fee schedules attached. Currently, it says the warning below when the appt is attempting to be bulk-converted. Instead, I recommend that the fee schedules appear underneath the codes and the user would select them, still allow the bulk-conversion to occur.

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  • Dec 6 2016
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    27 Feb, 2017 04:49pm

    This would be very helpful to my company as well! Or even if there is an option for selecting multiple apts with the same rate, even though there are multiple fee schedules. You can say "use same rate" for all apts to be converted.